• PTFE Rods
    PTFE Rod is manufacturedin two distinct ways,
    extruded PTFE Rod is the most popular & is
    relevant to smaller sizes.
  • PTFE Bellows
    PTFE Bellows
    Bellows are specially designed from virgin PTFE and is contour moulded. This manufacturing method guarantees an excellent structure of the material; symptoms of ageing are practically excluded.
  • PTFE Ring Gaskets
    PTFE Envelopes & Solid Ring Gaskets
    These gaskets are successfully used in chemical plants, glass lined equipment due to their high temperature, corrosion and ageing resistance.
  • PTFE Expanded Sheet
    PTFE (Virgin) Expanded Sheets
    PTFE expanded sheet is made of 100% expanded PTFE by using special process that produces a uniform and highly fibrillated microstructure with a great lot of fibers running in multi directions.


PTFE products make for some of the most essential parts in the industrial and commercial areas of work. We at Solitaire Enterprise know and understand the importance of quality in the PTFE products, which is why we strive to create and provide some of the best products in the PTFE material. We stand as pioneer in the manufacturing arena and have been making our mark among competitors with our love for workmanship and professionalism.

The range of products that we manufacturer and supplies under our umbrella include PTFE Tube, PTFE Ring, PTFE Sheet, PTFE Bush and many other such related products. Our team at Solitaire Enterprise ensures that we feature among the best PTFE manufacturers & suppliers in India.

We understand our responsibility towards the users of our products and also realize that the products that we come up with make up the part of a much larger establishment. This is one of the reasons why we have state of the art machinery and know how in-house, making our initiative an evolved and a complete one. With the amount of effort for quality and excellence that we put into our products, we achieve the happy smiles of satisfied clients and with such motivation as our base, we have set the sky as our limit, making sure that we never stop at any juncture in the path to our own progress and the progress of our clients.

In the range of PTFE products, we have made sure that no one can match up to the level of quality and efficiency that we give, because the promise of quality is our only motto of work.