Nylon Ployamide

Engineering Plastics is now the accepted replacement solution to ever more demanding engineering applications where the more traditional material such as bronze or brass are much less economical and as these metals process sky rocket and metals become more expensive, engineering plastics remains the professional replacement that is proving to be the solution that the people are demanding. Nylon” the versatile plastic is one of the most famous & popular among all the other engineering plastics & seems to be the standard choice for wear resistant components. Nylon is manufactured by either extruding process or cast process. Nylon is available in many shapes like rods, square rods, sheets, bushes, pipes etc, but the 2 commonly used shapes are rods & sheets. Nylon is often manufactured oversize and can help where tight tolerance is needed. Nylon is very good for machining in both manual and automatic lathes. Nylon has some excellent physical and mechanical properties some of the outstanding characteristics are; Lighter in weight, Self Lubricating economy, Shock resistant, Vibration damping performance, High service temperature, High tensile & Compressive strengths and easy to machine. Nylon is mainly produced in either natural color or black color. Black nylon contains Molybdenum disulphide (commonly known as MOS²), which can help with self lubrication in obscure areas and also can look aesthetically better in dirty environments.