Polyurethane's an incredibly resilient, flexible, and durable manufactured material that can take the place of paint, cotton, rubber, metal, and wood in thousands of applications across all fields. Polyurethane might be hard, like fiberglass, squishy like upholstery foam, protective like varnish, bouncy like rubber wheels, or sticky like glue. Since its invention in the 40s polyurethane has been used in everything from baby toys to airplane wings, and continues to be adapted for contemporary technology. Some polyurethane is categorized as an elastomer. We can find polyurethane in every room of our house and practically everywhere we go. Polyurethane is low cost and high performance has make polyurethane the perfect choice for replacing metals, rubber, plastic and wood. Polyurethane characteristics allow it to be use in many ways.

PROPERTIES OF POLYURETHANE : It is highly resistant to impact, abrasion, high and low friction, low temperature, Polyurethane won't swell or deteriorate in water, excellent insulators, wide resistance to oil, grease and most chemicals use in today modern industry.

APPLICATIONS : Polyethylene is found in all types of packaging, it is used to wrap furniture, computer components, electronics, sporting goods, plants, frozen foods, clothing, bowling balls, signs, metal products, and more. It comes in forms designed to minimize static or maximize thermal insulation, among dozens of other variants. The material is impervious to bacteria and mold and is tear-resistant.

SOME OF THE APPLICATION WHERE POLYURETHANE IS COMMONLY USED : Body panels, grommets, bearings, flexible couplings, gate seals, mastic shuttering, conveyor belts, fuel storage tanks, power transmission belts, insulation, potting, cable jointing, gears, sprockets, wire guides, rail draft gear, stripper plates, press brake pads, textile yarn guides, cutting boards, business machines belts, couplings, chute lining, grain buckets, Bunker lines, conveyor rollers, scraper blades, lined pipe, cross-over pads, bushings, bearings, hydro cyclones, buoys, pipeline, valve seats, board rollers, nip rollers, metal forming, printing, can coating, paper mill, pneumatic and oil seals, diaphragms, shoe soles, wear plates, energy absorbing insoles, pallet truck tires, heavy duty caster wheels, escalator wheels, roller skate wheels.