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Other Products

POLYPROPYLENE (PP) : Friction surface, all of which make it ideal as a replacement for wood or metal which are the materials traditionally used. PP is a high corrosion resistant material, which exhibits excellent tensile strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures.

POLY VINYL CHLORIDE (PVC): Our range of extruded PVC sheets is light in weight with homogeneous close cell structure that makes them highly durable. Highly resistant to chemical, these products are extensively used in process industries and laboratories. We also offer our customer cost effective customization of PVC sheets exactly as per their requirement. Ideal for chemical process industries and laboratories and are used for fabrication and lining.

POLYACETAL : Polyacetal sheets & rods are among the strongest and stiffest of all thermoplastics. Polyacetal and Delrin® plastic materials are characterized by good fatigue life, low moisture sensitivity, and high resistance to solvents and chemicals. Polyacetal products also contain good electrical properties.

HIGH DENSITY POLY ETHYLENE (HDPE) : HDPE Rod is a FDA Approved material of the highest quality with excellent impact resistance. HDPE has high tensile strength, low moisture absorption and is chemical and corrosion resistant. It is a light weight material that is non-toxic and non-staining and used in a variety of applications and industries. HDPE materials are available in both rod and sheet.

ULTRA HIGH MOLECULAR WEIGHT POLYETHYLENE (UHMW) : Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene provides superior resistance to corrosion from chemicals and abrasive environments like sand and slurries when compared to other thermoplastics. It also offers exceptional impact resistance, even at cryogenic temperatures and is superior to stainless steel. The most important characteristics of UHMWPE include low moisture absorption, good electrical and thermal insulation.

BAKELITE : Bakelite rods, sheets and profiles that can be used both alone, to form whole objects, and in combination with other materials, use as laminate or surface coating. It is used as a substitute for hard rubber, amber or celluloid, for insulating electrical apparatus (as it is a nonconductor), and for the production of certain machinery gears, phonograph records, and various other articles.