PTFE Fibre Glass Cloth

PTFE coated fabrics - versatile materials for chemically hostile, mechanically severe, thermally extreme and electrically demanding industrial conditions. These unusual materials maintain outstanding release characteristics and flexibility over a broad range of operating temperatures in varied chemical environments. These products are typically composed of woven fiberglass coated with PTFE, also with silicone rubber. A variety of substrates, thicknesses, weights and surface textures can be produced in a diversity of styles. The primary features of these fabrics include excellent release properties and superior chemical and electrical characteristics over wide temperature ranges. In addition, these products are dimensionally stable and resistant to distortion under heat and pressure. Conductivity and porosity can be controlled over a broad spectrum. Some of its characteristics are as follows :

CHEMICAL : Resistant to all solvents, bacterial and fungal attack, weathering & moisture, acids & alkalis. But it will not support combustion.

ELECTRICAL : It is exceptionally high dielectric strength, Dielectric constant 1.8 - 2.7 it will not carbonize on exposure to arching or burning. Electrical insulation in excess of Class H requirements over 180oC.

MECHANICAL : With an exceptionally smooth surface, low friction and non stick it has high strength to weight ratio. It has near zero flow under heat & pressure and high strength to thickness ratio.

THERMAL : In extreme heat & cold resistance it is compared to other plastic materials. Has high thermal stability up to +270oC. Maintains strength and flexibility down to -200oC. PTFE-Glass operating range is from -200oC to 270oC.

PTFE Fibre Glass Cloth Specification