PTFE PURE PACKING is manufactured from Pure PTFE Fibers having DUPLEX BRAID construction to increase dimensional stability treated with inert high temperature resisting lubricant to resist moderation and to display characteristics. The packing is sake, more flexible and non toxic. Fluids can be sealed with a minimum of gland pressure; consequently there is less friction as well as heat build up. It is an inert, virtually indestructible packing having good compressive strength. The recommended temp. for PTFE Pure Gland Packing is between 200oC to 290oC and pressure upto 350 BAR.

GRAPHITE PTFE PACKING is a Duplex plaited packing of exceptionally strong fluoro polymer blended with super grade graphite particles to enhance lubricity and heat dissipation and low thermal expansion. This packing is particularly suitable for high shaft speeds. The packing is recommended for valve stems centrifugal and reciprocating application, Slurry pumps, a fairly good packing for high pressure application against caustics, acids chemicals, liquors, pulp with the exception of strong oxidizing agents. This packing has replaced the blue asbestos packing and remains as a first choice with the capability of total chemical inertia. The recommended temperature for this packing is between -240oC to 300oC and pressure upto 350 BAR.