PTFE Universal Rope/Tape Gasket

PTFE Universal Rope Gasket is a specially formulated sealing material that withstands vibration, wide operating temperature range and has extremely low coefficient of friction. The friction free characteristics promoted smother action an increases the like of the gasket many times over. It is used as a gasket in flanged connections, pressure vessels and other similar mating faces as well as packing for valves and similar gland applications. The recommended temperature for PTFE Universal Gasket is -100oC to +260oC. The PH Range is 0-14. Pressure is 20 Kg/cm². PTFE Universal Rope Gasket is suitable for pumps, valves and many other static applications. Due to the chemical inertness of PTFE, it can be used with all substances. It offers excellent sealing when used in place of gasket or jointing in flanges in almost all type of industries.

PTFE Universal Rope/Tape Gasket Specification